Welcome to Teej Mahal Coffee!

Who we are:

"Teej Mahal Coffee" was established by a small team of Psychology and Engineering majors with a deep appreciation for good coffee and a desire to educate others about the benefits of "Good Bean." We believe everyone should drink good coffee and our goal is to increase knowledge of and provide amazing coffee to our fellow coffee enthusiasts.

What we do:

We specialize in freshly roasted, high quality, custom order coffee beans. At Teej Mahal, we believe everyone should experience the satisfaction of an amazing cup of coffee every single time. Freshly roasted coffee is the gateway to this experience.

The Beans:

Our beans are ordered in from reputable suppliers, and taste tested by our team, in all possible roast, brew, and drinking configurations. By doing this, we insure our ability to provide you with as accurate a description as possible. We love to drink good coffee and we want others to love it too. We carry several varieties of beans from coffee fields across the globe. From South America and Africa to India and others, we keep a stable roaster’s select that is always available for order. What makes us unique is you pick the bean, and you pick the roast. Often times, other coffee supplies will choose a specific level of roast and offer that exclusively. We believe, this limits the opportunity for the consumer to experience the natural flavor notes that can be found at other roast levels and, as a result, diminishes the coffee drinking experience. At Teej Mahal, we provide you with the salient points of each bean and let your curiosity lead you wherever you desire.

Our Products:

Teej Mahal Select:

Our flagship bean comes from Africa from the Kochore area near the town of Chele'lektu. A highly aromatic cup with lively brightness, it is full of flavor at every level of roast. While it is recommended and often sold at a medium roast, we have discovered that it offers rewarding and varied intensity of flavor notes at both light and dark roast. Flavor notes: Honey, butter cookie aroma at light roasts, nut and mock orange.

Holy Chocolate:

This bean is the "Miss Congeniality" of our stable and comes to us from the coffee fields of Brazil in the Sul Di Minas region of the Minas Gerais state. We have dubbed it "Holy Chocolate" for its consistent bittersweet chocolate overtones at all roast levels. The cup is also nutty, sweet, and low in acidity. Flavor notes: Chocolate at each level of roast, sweet and nutty, subtle fruit at darker roasts with notes of caramel.

Seasonal and Occasional Blends:

While we, as a team at Teej Mahal, agree that the pure bean is amazing on its own, we are also a group of adventurers, explorers, and mad scientists. What this means is that on occasion, we enjoy trying new things. When we find something we like, our enthusiasm drives us to share it with everyone. As a result of this we will, on those occasions, offer our customers the opportunity to explore with us and join in the adventure. Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list (link?) for regular updates and news with regards to what we are up to in the "Lab."

From the Lab:

Harvest Moon: It's Pumpkin everything time again, and Teej Mahal does not disappoint. Harvest Moon is our Pumpkin Pie blend. Only available from September - November, Harvest Moon Blend marries the amazing flavor notes of our House Select with the distinct undertones of nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, clove and ginger. Adding cream and sugar, the cup becomes a full representation of a whip cream topped slice of warm pumpkin pie.

How to order:

Email: lisa@teejmahal.com
Phone: 1-573-578-7043